Racism against Indians in Australia?

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A new controversy is out with a ‘colonial party’ in an Australian university where Indians wearing traditional clothes served guests! We are quick to cry racism though we ourselves are full of biases and prejudices. Some comments from an online forum:

Indians are the worst possible racists on this earth so why cry racism for everything. Yes it might have been badley themed however how many Indians here have stereotyped aussies as convicts for every crime known despite that fact that only a few are descendents of convicts and most convicts where convicted for a piece of bread or a hat or some food. Yet when Indians say these things they are not racists. Please explain to me what a caste is and why Indian govt uses it for every govt activity. Racism is based on an artificial division of race and caste is based on artificial division called caste. So how is that different. Indian have no authority to tell anyone anything till they practice castism. Indians are the worst disciminators on this earth at every level. Please see Sathyameva Jaythe for truth about India. Indians have been hoodwinking rest of the world with their colorful turbans and silly slogans while practicing caste based discrimination and poverty based cruelty.

If everybody involved was an adult and was there willingly then there is no problem. To call it `deeply offensive` is pathetic. Nobody has a right not to be offended as it is assumed that you`re a grown-up. To call this party `racist` belittles the word `racist` and actual racism which is where our attention should be. To call everything `racist` is extremely damaging to race relations and, in this case for example, makes the complainant look a lot more silly and pathetic than any party can. Let`s focus on stopping actual racism and stop whining.

Indians are the most discriminatory race in the World. We discriminate against Boy and Girl, Educated and uneducated, poor to rich and very rich, skin color, language, height, disabled persons, Ministers vs Aam Aadmi, Govt job vs non govt job, Regional divides, Foreigner vs India, etc. The list is Endless. Best is if we can make our fort strong first, and then point fingers at others.

Anybody believe in racism is living in a fools paradise. Whole Europe excepting Germany is going in to perennial recession and they will be viewed as only tourist destination in future. With high social security and low on education and reproduction their future is doomed. But unfortunately they try tricks but the ultimate losers are themselves.

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