Gangs of Wasseypur Review: Good, different but not Great

Written by vik

Topics: Media

I watched Gangs of Wasseypur after lunch (1335 hours show, PVR Priya).

The film is different (as expected from Anurag Kashyap) but is not in the league of extraordinary films. Almost all reviews have praised it except for Rediff (Raja Sen) and DNA reviews.

I didn’t feel like I had a very satisfying movie experience after it. It is surely a one-time watch: great dialogues,cinematography, acting.

The trailer of part 2 after the film ends looked very promising. The film is better after the intermission. Nawazuddin Siddiqui would be able to carry it in part 2.

There are minor errors in the film (characters not ageing etc.). Many frams in the film (like the dating scene of Nawaz, song by Yashpal Sharma, Manoj’s laundiyabaji are so enjoyable).

Don’t’ miss it but do not go with high expectations (and parents/elders).

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