Rajinder da Dhaba at Sda market is bad

Written by vik

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Review from Zomato:

I ate at the place yesterday (AB-14B, Safdarjung Enclave; 28 June 2012, 10 pm). I was with a friend. We took Mutton Biryani (Rs 175) , Chicken Tangri (Rs 60), Chicken curry (chest; Rs 100?), Mughalai Parantha (Rs 12), Rumali roti (Rs 12) and Tandoori roti (Rs 12).(Total bill 375 Rupees.)

The food was ‘horrible’, to use a widely-recognised adjective. I am surprised people claim to like it! Mutton Biryani was like a dish prepared by someone who never had real Biryani; even the mutton used (2 small pcs.) was tasteless. Go to Nizamuddin (Dargah road; Ph- 9873303133, 9811929132) and check the Muradabadi chicken biryani in about 120 Rupees a kg or go to places like Chandani Chowk or Ballimaran (Zaheer Chicken, 9313626375) for fried chicken. Mutton biryani was total fraud: small amount and horribly cooked with ordinary rice! Daylight robbery! But ‘jo chalta hai, vahi banta hai’ to quote Sanjay Mishra in the film ‘Pappu Can’t Dance Saala’. God save its patrons (most of it appeared to be locals and working executives from the area)!

Food was mostly burnt, overcooked, over fried; gravy was equally bad, full of oil and dressed-up look (looked like ‘dhaniya chutney’ in oil)! ‘Mughalai parantha’ was just some ‘maida’ stuff used in rolls; like rumali roti in oil! Only Chicken tangri was some solace (but had little chicken on the bones).

You will get fat like mutton (if not sick) if you eat here often; for most people there, including families with kids and colas, that did not seem to matter. Even the people eating there were low on civic sense: they would not throw the leftovers and the paper plates in the dustbin lying exactly under the table when done (imitating the royal Mughals?).

BAD Management: hardly any place to stand, let alone sit (you can’t blame them for it; the cover page of their menu declares it is ‘only packing and takeaway; first payment, self service’ dhaba); tiny soap for washing hands (why not spend some of our money and keep hand wash?); devil-may-care attitude by management; I-don’t-give-a-damn-to-hygiene type of table cleaning by staff;. The dine-in restaurant there has higher prices (keep that in mind if you go in and sit to eat).

They give you this overpriced food like they are doing some ‘favour’ to you. The Bengali sweet shop nearby (‘since 1976′) will also cheat you with its ’30 Rupees a glass’ Lassi.

‘AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE’, to use a cliche! RAJINDER DHABA AT SDA SUCKS! Find other street eateries that Delhi is full of. This one could only bring bad name to Delhi. It is a disgrace to human intelligence if praised. Ok, ignore the hyperbole, but it is really bad dear reader unless you are the easily-influenced type–docile eater!


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