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Hindi Poem on Rain, for kids

This was a poem requested by someone for her daughter. I had written it in 3-4 minutes and typed it in as much time. It will be useful for those who look for short Hindi poems for kids (on rain or weather or rainy season), students of class I to Vi (or any elementary class). The poem has rhymes with simple, easily pronounced words. Also see other Hindi posts on this site. The title is barsaat.



बादल आये पानी लाये

छम-छम छम-छम बरस जाए |

गड्-गड् गड्-गड् आवाज़ आये

रिम-झिम रिम-झिम बरस जाए |


छपाक-छपाक धूम मचाएं

पानी में चलो खूब नहाएं |


मोर नाचे, मेढक टर्राये

चिड़िया फुर्र्र-फुर्र्र उडती जाए |


मम्मी-पापा, दादा-दादी

सबको ये बादल बुलाए |


गर्मी हमको खूब सताए

चलो पानी में भींग के आयें |

Posted by on August 12, 2012.

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