Handwash in India: Which ones are good?

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I have used more than one handwash: I have sampled all the major ones, big names. Dettol, Lifebuoy, Sach (Sachin Brand), Caremate, Savlon etc. Here is my opinion on what is good.

Dettol leaves a sticky feeling especially the citrus flavour and you have to use more water and rub more. Other fragrances are okay. Dettol writes ‘hand wash’ while Lifebuoy says ‘hand wash’. Dettol’s look and feel is not as good as Lifebuoy handwash.

Lifebuoy in my opinion is the best. It is very foamy (rich leather) and does not require repeated washing as it leaves no sticky feel. It’s body/built, look and feel is the best (sturdy; see the image below). I have three fragrance of Lifebuoy handwash (I don’t use their soap though).

Sach brand or Care mate is also okay (made by Nebulla cosmetics and marketed by Future Bazaar/Big Bazaar). The lemon flavour is very good; it also comes in other flavours like rose, peach, orange etc. The body of the pump is not so good. It is cheaper than others (as is the policy of Big Bazzar marketing).

I have not used Pears, Santoor and other brand of hand washes. Hand wash is available for sale online on sites like Flipkart.

Update: mid-Sep 2012: The Care Mate hand wash refill (see pic) is not good quality. Though it is the same company that makes the Sach handwash, this refill has diluted stuff as handwash. Avoid it; buy Sach refills instead (Big Bazaar dabbles in every mass market thing to make quick money!). Buy Lifebuoy handwash most of the time, best quality in my reckoning. I even use its soap most of the time.

Hand wash in india

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  1. Aditya Mookerjee says:

    The Sach handwash range is pretty good. I use the neem one. I was looking for their website.