Photo Essay: How to eat Mosambi (Sweet Lime) without a juicer

Written by vik

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Juicing is not a good habit but most of us do it. You need fibre for detoxification and to feel fuller. Mosambi Or sweet lemon or limu shirin (Iraq) is mostly eaten in India as a primary juice.

Here is how you can enjoy it without juicing it. It will be more beneficial. In fact, give your family and kids the habit of eating whole fruits; keep the juicer away.

See images here.


2. HOLD ONE PIECE IN fingers AND PUT IT IN MOUTH, tear the flesh using the front INCISOR TEETH. Don’t put it all in the mouth; keep it held in hand and the skin would be out of your mouth by the lips. Sorry for the silly explanation; it is self-explanatory I guess.

3. ENJOY AS YOU FIND HOW YOU TOOK IN THE FLESH. Don’t try to juice it with teeth, eat the fibre.

4. SEE THE skin thereafter and enjoy!

sweet limesathu kudi, limu shirin2012-08-19 16.29.24mosambi without a juicermosambi

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  1. sunil says:

    Vikas, good to see you back on blogosphere after a long time ….I have one suggestion to make that instead of cutting them just make deep cut with knives and then you can peel the whole skin off easily , this now can be cut and chewed easily to enjoy juice and fiber…

  2. mohit says:

    Sunil’s way is way better….:)