Photos: Harper Collins Book of English Poetry

Written by vik

Topics: Socio-Political

This volume of English poetry (Indian) is edited by Sudeep Sen published by Harper Collins. I bought it recently (online; cheapest price was/is on HomeShop18). You can read the reviews in Frontline etc.

I am not reviewing it here (I am not an authority or even a very informed reader on poetry). I have just uploaded some pics here. These will be useful for anyone looking for a look and feel of the book before buying it. I wanted that badly before buying and hence I am doing it myself.

Nice book design, font size, font types, good paper quality. I wish the intro by Sudeep Sen was a bit longer.

This is published without the publisher’s permission. If they object, images will be removed. Click on the images for bigger size.

My recommendation: buy it. Nice read. I have read some 20 pages so far.

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