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Websites like Giigapedia (later library . nu and disbanded), legalreads (coinreads) and many other ebook or pdf book downloading sites (and torrent and file sharing sites) became an internet phenomenon. A downside was that many good and free sites with millions of collections officially free have not received so much attention.

This post discusses some such websites which offer legally and officially free ebook collections.

  1. Visit the Amazon recommendations page for ebook download suggestions. Even Amazon offers some good suggestions so that you can fill your Kindles with various free ebooks. I have downloaded many classics from the Gutenberg website.
  2. See PROJECT GUTENBERG, the mother of all ebook sites (founded 1971) which offer free, legal ebooks for various formats including the Kindle eboks. You can also contribute to the project by becoming and editor or proof reader with Project Guetenberg and help a cause. If you like volunteering your writing skills, then do consider becoming a Wikipedia editor as well. You can also donate to Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg if you have some spare money for the cause. Gutenberg (1398-1468) had introduced printing to Europe (pioneer of printing revolution).
  3. Internet Archive has a good collection of eBooks text: a wide range of popular books, fiction and other titles. Internet Archive is a very useful site and you can find so much of useful stuff there from audio, video to internet archives.
  4. There is Google books where you can preview and read for free millions of tittles. This is not always very useful though as what you would be looking for would often not have the preview option. There are softwares that claim to download books from Google books in pdf or other formats but they are not very successful or effective (and it is not recommended too).
  5. is another good site with a good collection of downloadable books. Planetebooks also has a free collection of books. Also see the catalogues of Open Library.
  6. Sometimes merely searching the book name with the phrases ‘free ebook name download’, free book name pdf download’ also helps.
  7. Feel free to leave your comments if you know of good sites to download ebooks legally.

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