Vishwaroop is a very average film. Avoid it

Written by vik

Topics: Socio-Political

I saw it with a group of friends yesterday evening (total six people, four Muslims and two Hindus). We watched the Hindi version (Vishwaroop)

The review in short: It is a bad film. Or I should say a badly done film.

Acting is good. Storyline, script is a mess. Film started on the right note (Kathak dance sequence and a tender Kamal Haasan were impressive). But soon it veered away in directions that it never recovered from. A friend even left it in the middle. You would be confused at times about what actually is happening in the film and what’s the plot.

Nothing was controversial in it; there is a lot of namaz and prayers but just that. The film  gave headache in most parts.

A Firstpost review had called it a ‘pulsating thriller’. That is a bad conclusion.

It is a very avoidable film. With so much of expenses (90 Crores?), a really good action thriller could have been made. Even English Hindi translation (Hindi subs at places) were bad at some places. All that praise for research into American military and all that just doesn’t show anywhere. Chhat movie! Wogma Review rightly says ‘watch (it) if you have nothing better to do’.

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