Must Buy ‘Learn Sanskrit Book sets’ by Sanskrit Sansthanam

Today morning I bought the book set I by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthanam : Teach Yourself Samskrit, priced just 200 Rs (got it in 180 Rs at 10% off). It is the first set in teach yourself Sanskrit by the said govt body.

See images below; I recommend it. English has also been used in the book. This intro set has 5 volumes including a set on answer keys to the exercises. First volume is varnmala (alphabets). The thickest volume has 488 pages. I had searched other books too (including online searching) but couldn’t find much. He still has 2-3 copies of the set; so grab it before it vanishes or order it if it’s taken.

Don’t miss it; it is a subsidised effort by GOI to spread the Sanskrit language. You can visit their official website here and see advanced pdf Sanskrit books here.

I bought it from Hem Book Centre, behind JNU Central Library, New Delhi, India.  He/They can also bring you other advanced volumes when you want it. His no. is 011-26741035, 98 10 985  436. It usually opens around 1030 hours.

An okay link to learn Sanskrit is here by the Chitrapur Math.

See the images below shot with my phone. And remember it is just 180 Rupees for the whole set (guchhasya). And you can buy advanced sets later when you are done with the introductional learning. 🙂

Full name of Book set: SanskritSwadhyayah, Prathma Deekhsha (book set of 5 books, MRP 200 for whole set).

There cannot be a better book probably to learn Sanskrit at this price. Good Effort. Nay, great effort. Click on the Sanskrit book images to enlarge them.

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Buy this book to learn Sanskrit using English or Hindi. I don’t see an online option to buy this book presently but that can be done by requesting both Flipkart and the said government body; hope someone would take the initiative so that anyone can buy the lovely sets to learn Sanskrit.

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  1. mohd nasim says:

    I wantto purchase this book in hindi version

  2. ssvn sarma says:

    I want to purchase the books on sanskrit . please give how to purchase through email

  3. ssvn sarma says:

    i want to purchase the books . please give the procedure