Prem Pavitra Restaurant in Alwar is not good

Written by vik

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I was in Alwar (Rajasthan tourism) recently. I had read about the Prem Pavitra Restaurant recommendation in Outlook traveller guide (52 weekend trips out of Delhi); it is one of the must-eat places there. The restaurant belongs to Satpal Maharaj.

I did eat at the Prem Pavitra Restaurant. And it was average food. The place is much hyped. Most sabzis are 65 to 100 Rupees and there was no thali option. The taste was average; sometimes street food vendors cook better than that. Ghee used in roti was good and okay was the salad (32 Rupees?). We spent 386 Rupees between two people eating chana masala, mix veg, plain roti with ghee, plain roti without ghee, rice and salad.

So don’t think you missed much if you miss this restaurant in Alwar. There are many great things to do in Rajasthan and you can take this one off your must-visit list. Don’t’ fall for the photos of the celebrities dining there. See image below.

Edit: This is the second wing of Prem Pavitra. Not the  first (famed) Prem Pavitra bhojnalya.

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