Billi Kavita- Hindi Poem on Cat, the animal

What you see below is not exactly a poem on cat. It was written more to prevent expulsion of cats from the living premises. The girls in a co-ed residential premise complained that cats are becoming a nuisance and they should be “removed”. The poem argues that cats and human beings have been living together for long and it is not feasible (or desirable) to seek their ‘removal’. It is also a poem on the cute animal and is sarcastic about those who disliked them. Click on the image for the full view. Cat image as watermark is from the web (can’t recall the site to give credit to it, my apologies).

This poem is here because kids of class four or class VII  land on this site looking for their homework poem, hindi poems and other hindi help.

poem on cat | Hindi Poem on Cat

बिल्ली बचाओ


थोड़ा सा तो खाती है

मेस में आती जाती है

(भले जनाना विंग में गुर्राती है )

पर सबको बहुत भाती है

म्याऊ-म्याऊ कर जाती है |


रोको इनको जाने न दो

दुश्मन को इनको पाने न दो

ये कोमल, मुलायम, प्यारे जंतु

क्या जाने तिरिया के किन्तु, परन्तु…|


जाने क्या-क्या इल्जाम लगाया इनपे

दस्तखत कार्यक्रम चलाया इनपे

जो ‘म्याऊ-म्याऊ’ इनकी समझ न पाते

वो करते हैं इनको हटाने की बातें |


बिल्ली और इंसान का तानाबाना

चल रहा है बहुत पुराना

बिल्लियों से कोई प्रॉब्लम नहीं है

समस्यां तो कुछ और कहीं है |


बिल्लियाँ हैं ये शेर नहीं हैं,

जो आपको चबा जाएंगी

बिल्लियों के बगैर जीने के लिए

अब आप किस ग्रह पे जाएंगी ?! 🙂

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  1. utpal sharma says:

    it’s a very good poem and it touches my heart ; this the best poem i have ever heard about cat
    and it’s so emotional poem

  2. very nice poems on cat

  3. Marisha says:

    i was already a cat lover, even i have a pet cat his name is $nowball, i used to sleep with him & love him a lot…………but because of my dad’s transfer we had to live him back and LEAVE him 🙁
    This poem is my fav from now cause it reminds me of my $nowball