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Some of us wanted to use the Campus2 Home service of Safe Express (send 20 or 30 kg boxes in 390 or 490 Rupees); it is working with campuses all over India to emerge as a campus /university /college courier service.

It has a bad customer service; I wrote emails and it all bounced (from campus2home at safeexpress dot com . Even the feedback page does not work.

Just copying here the email I had sent that bounced back.

We are some  students who have enquired about Campus 2Home service in Delhi.

A friend even visited your Mahipalpur (Delhi) office.
The ad you put up in JNU  says that one can use one’s boxes (and even make it up to 30 kgs for 490 Rupees).
But your Mahipalpur staff says that is not possible and one has to use your box only.
Three different staff on phone and in person has said all different things.
And they were not very warm on getting business.
They also said that only clothes and books are allowed.
And your box is rather small; one wonders if even 20 kgs will fit in it.
And how will one send 30 kgs if you do not take customer’s own packed box!
Nowhere in rules you wrote all this.
Are you even clear on what are your terms?
I am going to advise my friends that your service and staff is not good if you do not give a satisfactory.
So tell me all the details.
And educate on your staff on this too.


Hope this is of help to those wanting to use the service. Bad website, bad mails and bad staff. Update: late April 2013: A friend used it and they charged 250 Rupees more even above 390 Rupees for a 20 kg box (some fine print!).

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