Poem- Save Earth, Save Nature

Written by vik

Topics: Environment, Kids' Corner, Poems/Rhymes

A short English poem written for my nephew. It will be useful for anybody looking for slogans, rhymes, poems on nature, environment, saving mother earth, saving nature, saving earth, pollution, global warming, saving trees and other related topics.

Copyrighted to: Vikas


We enjoy the sunshine

The rainfall, the rivers

The sun in summer

The winter that gives shivers.


The water that we drink

The air that we inhale

The forest, the hills

The Tiger and the Whale.


Everything around us

That Mother Earth gives

Is beautiful and lovely

And helps us live.


Look at the trees

They give you life

They are as important

As your kids or wife.


What will we do

Without the trees

That line our roads

And give us the breeze!


Pollution is destroying

Mother earth and nature

Plastics or car smoke

Is dangerous for creatures.


So please wake up

Before it is late

And save Mother Earth

At any rate.


Let’s all work together

For nature’s beauty

And say it to yourself—

My Earth, My Duty.

Written by Vikas at vikas-gupta.in


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