How far would you go…?

Written by vik

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How far would you go to get closer to someone you love?

How far? Hmm. The answer is until I find the love that I am missing.

There is no measurement and explanation for what one could do in love or how far one would go. If you love and are loved then you don’t ask questions like ‘how?’ or ‘how far?’. You just keep going. It is love after all, not a project; not something that could be measured in nautical miles.

Would you not go as far as you could? Would you not do as much as you could? Why would you not go far, really far to get closer to someone you love? ‘Get further to get closer’. Escape, run together. To be together. Go far, get close. Just as this couple in the video embedded here.

Go further to get closer


Written for British Airways contest.


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