A Humorous Poem on Pimples and its Everyday Effects

Written by vik

Topics: Poems/Rhymes

How do I tell you how I live with acne and pimples
That’s around my beautiful depression called dimples
How can one admire my prominent jawline and temples
When I got my face covered in acne and pimples!

I am mortified, I certainly don’t feel good
I’ve tried medicines, experimented with food
I have even scratched it, to them I was rude
But they seem to have stuck with me for good!

You know you just cannot wish it away
You try every concoction that comes your way
You lock yourself in room, apply lotions and pray
And still it doesn’t get better day after day!

Acne and pimples don’t let you live in peace
Your friends or neighbours, uncle, aunty or niece
Will look at these small facial plateaus cerise
You wanna bomb the pimples, you strain at the leash!

Depression and anxiety, what effects you want to know
It’s a lot of pain when that skin could instead glow
It’s like creases on a smooth shirt that break the flow
It’s like a bad trailer to a wonderful cinematic show!

When you get these pimples, you kind of withdraw
You avoid gatherings, at your soul it will gnaw
You were so confident, you gave everyone that awe
But now you have to live with a stick in your craw!

You feel depressed, angry, and frustrated
As if the King himself had you castrated
For this youth and age you had long waited
And now with these pimples you feel suffocated!

‘Is this justice? Is there a God?
Why is nature doing this fraud?’
You feel like crying. You weep aloud
‘Give me smooth cheeks, oh dear Lord!’

‘God, I’ve shoulders, you see, so broad
I’m so muscular, everyone is awed
And yet when I see those pimples
It all seems useless and so flawed!

I am embarrassed, I don’t feel good
I feel irritated, it ruins my mood
Give me herbs, a cream, any food
I would use anything that I could!

I badly need to reclaim my life
And bring a smile to my would-be wife
Send me the remedy, I’ve a right to life
Or I’ll scrape it off with a kitchen knife!

There are cosmetic concerns like Garnier
I wish I had heard of them earlier
Active Neem Facewash is the help that’s here
Neem and tea tree oil is what I may endear.

I hope it will all be over soon
And this facewash will be a boon
I expect women to go into a swoon
And everyone will finally dance to my tune!


(Fun rhymes written for Garnier India contest on Indiblogger dot in.)

Rhymes on pimples. A poem (431 words).

Author: Vikas.

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