Look up and find your home

Written by vik

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Finding a nice place to stay is always difficult. Especially in big cities in India where rent is high and good places in the city are not so many. To find the right house to stay in and building your own home and abode in that area is a real challenge. You will waste a lot of time in searching physically, you may have to meet some property dealers and you may get cheated by agents.
This is the story of one person who found a nice home to rent in Delhi. First he did exhaust his usual options: he travelled to many areas and muhallas in South Delhi in search of his ideal home and a nice landlord who would give his home. He also mailed and sent messages to all his friends to find a nice place for him but all that was not successful. He met some housing agents and property dealers too but in vain. He searched some online sites and checked a few online ads here and there but it didn’t help. He was worried about it; he had to bring his family to live with him in Delhi and he had no nice place to call home.
Then he ran into India’s main housing site and his woes slowly melted. He found a lot of peace of mind on this site. Housing was not just another ‘rent, purchase, sell property’ type of website. Housing has the user in mind; it has a very navigable interface which places premium on the ease of users. From selling, renting to seeing a heat map of areas, the website had everything. No wonder Housing today is very popular in the Indian reality sector.
So this friend visited the website and in no time he was doing his research online. He checked out many ads (including verified ones) on the website, narrowed search according to budget and prices and proceeded further. In no time he realized that he had many options from finding real homes to real estate agents and even builders.
He got a nice home through Housing.com and he is happy. He even has an app for Housing in his android phone. He is planning to buy his own home soon and he may use Housing again to look up in life. A simple website changed a lot of things in his life. He is happy, full of hope, optimism. He is very hopeful about the future. He does not have to worry about homes and renting now. From rent to homes, he ‘looks up’ to housing for his needs. Do look up to Housing if hope and happiness is missing in your own home. My friend’s story filled me with hope and you can find hope on Housing too.

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