Together is more fun, always.

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Most of our memorable moments are with friends, family or someone we love or in the lap of nature or in our own housing where we cosily sit and are with those who we love. This is one such #together story where I was in the lap of nature with friends and had so much fun.
I was in June last year at Dharamsala. I was there for some ten days with an NGO in the field of waste management: cleanups, mountain trail cleanups, waterfall cleanups and so on.
Most people would think that this would be boring; that volunteering with an NGO in Himachal Pradesh would be taxing social work where one would not enjoy all that the nature has to offer. But all such people would be totally wrong when they hear the story.
The work I did and the life I had was more interesting and lively because we had a nice place to stay and we were in company of nice people in that house including people from the US and China.
So we went up to the mountains, we cleaned the trekking trail together. We went to the popular waterfall and we again cleaned it together. And it was so much fun. People litter everywhere they could from waterfalls to popular tourist places. It saddens definitely but it is also fun collecting all the garbage in bags and then segregating it so that you contribute to a Swachh Bharat. Also you generally inspire people when you do this because people will sometimes even join you or feel a bit ashamed when they know that you are cleaning their litter and their in-house garbage.
But garbage is just one part of the story. The big story is also that you have so much fun when you are with people who are young and energetic willing to make changes in the society. Everyone is willing to get their hands dirty, no one is shy of touching garbage of home food waste, kitchen wastes and so on.
Everyday 5-6 of us would proceed in different groups to clean the small town. The American went to do GPS mapping of the area, he would collect gutter water samples from places, measure the naalas, do household surveys. He was helped by a Delhi university girl who came as a volunteer. Then you had another group headed for the community clean ups and so on.
In evening everyone would meet in the beautiful office cum home of the NGO and would discuss the day. We would cook together and go for walks in the cold climes.
From a mountain trail trekking to other adventures the place is etched deep in my memory. You also had the option to live in a tent on the mountains or just live in open in the mountains. With the Himalayas as your house. #Together is fun, especially with friends.

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