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Zeroing in on all-new Moto E!

Okay, so the all-new Moto E (2015) is the phone that would be my maiden smartphone. It has tons of features and is very affordable. You can write much on that but this post is not about its price and features, something that has already won it kudos.

Getting the all-new Moto E, from receiving to unboxing!

I get it from Flipkart. They deliver it in a day if not the same day. I am super excited; I receive it from the courier guy and thank him. I unbox it, I open it. I excitedly see it, I flash a smile. It looks good, feels nice, and everything is in place. I have ordered a colour of my choice; it is very customisable for looks anyway. And you must have guessed that I have shot photos of the unboxing event: something that will remain in my memory for long.

Friends and Family gather round me, err round Moto E!

Yes, you know the ritual next. They come, they see, they critique, they hold it in awe, they drop their jaw, they agree with my choice. Some even say that their next phone will be a Moto E only! So you see my phone is making waves from the moment it has come out of box. It has won supporters, future users and admirers in no time. I of course read them the features, the camera pixels, the Gorilla glass, Android Lollipop, the famed accelearator and so on. But it is  clear that most of them have heard the Motorola Moto E name and fame and are already sold on it. Okay, give me some space now; I need to be with my phone.

Feeling sinking in; my maiden phone after all!

Without a smartphone you are an outcaste these days! And buying one means that you buy a lot of bad phones before you reach a good model or brand that totally suits your mood and needs. I am lucky; I didn’t had a lot of hassles with this part. The phone looks so cool and good; it is my tiny computer, so to speak. I could do so much with it, it will power me to great achievements with its utility for me.
I am checking the features; all looks fine. I am not a smartphone novice after all, I know some things. But I don’t want to be a know-all at the same time. I want the phone to surprise me as I discover in amazement all that it holds within itself, from good looks to great functionality.

Time for Photos, Hurrah!

Yes, I am sure I am taking photos of the new phone, me with phone and family with phone and it will get shared among friends obviously. New phone will be more memorable with photographs; especially the photographs that the new phone shoots moments after arrival.

Working with the phone!

Once you get a hang of the phone, you are lost into it. You are checking out its features, you are installing apps from Google play and constantly thinking of customizing the phone from colours and brightness to icons according to your needs and tastes. Moto E, needless to say, will spoil you with choices on this front.
So you have a small computer in your hands. It is like your office; it is not just a phone. Talking, finding friends, reading, writing, photography, planning, life regulation and whatnot: there is so much you can do with a smartphone. Especially when it is a Moto E, it will be even more interesting.

So, start your journey with Moto E

Some days have passed with the phone. It is like a constant company now. From selfies to alarm, the Moto E is very handy for various tasks; talking over phone is just one of the main tasks it does.
I’ve started some new things with the Moto E so that my life is in better shape. Various apps here come in handy. From a scanner app to reminder apps to book readers to health and fitness, I have kick started various things and soon they will pay rich dividends in terms of many of my life goals. The Moto E smartphone is both fun and serious business. I am choosing to judiciously use my smartphone. It is hard not to get addicted to it just the same.

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