What is this #EkNayiLeague about?

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Kapil Dev made a debut on Twitter (@therealkapildev) few days ago and has set the ball rolling for some new league. Soon, he got thousands of followers on Twitter on his official account and posted a pic of him sipping coffee in one Mumbai building.

Kapil and his new league

In a series of YouTube short teaser videos (YouTube account with name Kapil Dev), he has been dropping hints of a new league that will be very exciting. He has addressed Dhoni, Kapil (comedian), Yuvraj in his videos and others and suggests all to try his new league; he even tweeted to Sania Mirza that even she could fit ‘in his new league’. In short, Kapil Dev is trying to connect with all on Twitter and get more publicity for his new league without revealing the content. Most people would tend to think that it is about cricket or has to do with cricket but if you observe him closely in his videos, you will clearly get the idea that it is not about cricket. It seems to be a commercial enterprise of some sort for sure.

He is frequently seen saying that the new league is where you don’t play with your heart (dil) or else it will be a googly or a hit wicket. The website Ek Nayi League dot com even ran a contest where people could guess what the new league is about and the prize was one Lakh Rupees.

It is clear that Kapil tried to engage with other celebrities on Twitter and was ready with videos when they responded to maximise on their reply and gain more promotion. For example, when Kapil comedian replied to him then he said that he has a video for him and it was uploaded on YouTube and shared on Twitter too. So Kapil and his new league management had the plan ready for promotion. Ek Nayi League even trended on Twitter for a day.

Here are some of the things that come as guesses when you see his teaser ads
1. It is about some new sports league?
2. It is some new TV series?
3. It’s some new promotion about something?
4. It is a personal Kapil venture, some game show, something unique?
5. It is a new movie teaser, new talent hunt show?
6. It is about a new realty company, a new FMCG concern?
7. It is nothing and Kapil is just teasing us?

Whatever it would be, the campaign is good. It is not over the top; even the YouTube videos have been shot in moderation (in terms of light, dialogues, editing, background, way of address of Kapil). Looks like a good everyday work which was not made to impress much but just to inform. Kapil hits you as someone very likeable the way he speaks and builds the case for this new league.
Okay, if you are following the league on Twitter, then you already know what the league is about. In short, it was a nice online campaign for one’s trade.

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