Myntra App Marketing Pitch Suggestion

Written by vik

Topics: Consumer Affairs

This is suggestion for the Myntra app; Myntra has gone all-app from 15 May. Here is a quick outline of a possible TVC or a print ad. I am imagining you have a good imagination. There are no images here but try to see what I see; close eyes occasionally if needed. This is a rough outline; I am willing to detail it or brain storm it to perfect if Myntra team likes it. I think this could be a good educational ad too that will be very much talked about if executed well. And there could be a longer 20-30 second version of ad and a truncated 10-seconds version of ad.

  1. Key idea is to show it as change and evolution. Smartphones and apps are the current stage in human technological evolution and we must adapt to them.
  2. Ad (in animation, if needed) starts to give a quick glimpse of history of human evolution and images, videos more constantly to show how society has been changing and how people have been changing with it. So a rough evolution timeline would show: HUMANS AS APE>>FIRE >>WHEEL>> CLOTHMILL>> PRINTING>>RENAISSANCE, CULTURAL REVOLUTION INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION >> MUGHAL PERIOD AND OPULENCE (focus on clothes, sartorial too), BRITISH COME >> TV, RADIO, SHOW VIKRAM BETAAL MAHABHARAT SERIES GLIMPSE >> SHOW OLD NOKIA PHONE >> IN COMES DESKTOP, LAPTOP >>SHOW CHANGES IN LIFE HERE >> SHOW MARRIAGE SHOPPING AS PHYSICAL THINGS MOVING TO ONLINE, DATING, MATRIMONIAL >> SHOW FLIPKART, MYNTRA SITES (USE OLD FLIPKART ADS) CINEMA TICKET QUEUES vs Online tickets, show the ease >> Show myntra desktop version and guys checking it out like it is a mirror >>COMES SMARTPHONE >> SHOW APPS USE ALL OVER >>SHOW DESKTOPS BEING PACKED AND SMARTPHONES EVERYWHERE (or some other prompt to symbolically demonstrate the transition) >> MYNTRA GOES ALL APP.
  3. okay, this was very rough but hope you get the drift. I imagine it as a roll of events without human talk with relevant music. But there can be dialogues too. #ItsPersonal

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