Health, Fitness: How to Get Good, Glowing Skin

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Good skin matters. It is reflective of good health and fitness. Everyone wants good skin and there is a mad rush for cosmetic products that do the trick for the skin. The market is full of tons of cosmetic products for the face that claim to do the magic to your skin from the natural and ayurvedic VICCO Turmeric Cream to the so many creams you see in advertisements on TV and newspapers. Cosmetics is a multi-billion industry and everyone wants your attention and money. It is important that you know what matters for good skin. It is not necessarily expensive face creams and cosmetics. In fact, the popular narrative of beautiful skin through cosmetics is more about commercialisation, marketing and advertisement. In my opinion (and I am saying this with a lot of experience too), the following matter for good skin. DRINK ENOUGH WATER: Yes, water matters. It is the single most important thing about good skin and health. You cannot ignore water for good skin and overall fitness.  There is no agreement on how much is enough for you in a day but most experts agree that 8 glasses or some 2 litres of water is a need for average folks. So make sure you are drinking water. You may get a reminder app on phone if you think you are ignoring water intake. FITNESS AND GOOD SKIN MADE IN KITCHEN: Yes, it is not made in beauty parlour; it is not made with restaurant food. It is often made in home, in your kitchen. Know what not to eat and how much to eat. Avoid junk, oily food, colas etc. Eat food high in roughage content, fruits, vegetables etc. Moderation is the key with food too. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and addiction of any kind (including TV addiction). Sleep early and enough; sleep is another crucial pillar for skin fitness. GET SOME EXERCISE REGULARLY: Yes, don’t give your skin facial and beauty treatments. Instead go out and walk and run and give it some natural sweating. This will help the pores of skin breathe air and your skin will be better. So, next time you are worried about your skin not glowing, just think of how much time you are out on your feet walking, running, cycling or swimming. And you will have your answers. Go see athletes, amateur or professional ones, they surely have good skin and a great health. TO SUM UP, do not fall for commercialised creams and market advertisements. The secret of good skin and over all fitness lies with healthy food, water intake, sleep and exercise. Know that and follow that. Follow natural living and ayurvedic principles for a better skin and fitness. And definitely keep in mind that fitness and good skin are both related; don’t see them as separate spheres. Take care of your health and fitness and it will show on your skin and the vice versa. `

Ok, now you know how to #comeCloser to a radiant skin.

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