Airtel 4G- fastest network ever!

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How do you start a conversation when you meet a friend?

“Hello, how are you? I am fine, thanks.”

These phrases sound like a good choice.

However, we rarely find ourselves uttering these words when we try to talk to our family or friends through internet sites or applications on our smart phones. It rather sounds as follows:

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? No, I can’t see you. What’s wrong? Hello?”

Does this sound like a painstakingly familiar way to start a call when it happens over the internet? Although using an app to call your loved ones is cheaper than calling them over the phone, you sometimes wonder if it is really worth all the trouble. At least five minutes or usually even more of the call is bound to be completely ruined over that internet network that just won’t work fast enough for your needs. The pleasure of hearing your parent’s or spouse’s voice pales in comparison to the annoyance of the moment when the call gets cut or freezes. Not to mention the infamous malfunction that deforms the familiar and dear voice of your friend into either that irritating chipmunk gibberish, or strange rasp that reminds you of the monster in that Korean horror movie you watched last Friday.

The internet offers us thousands of ways to entertain ourselves. However, it is not always only about pleasure.For those of us whose families or friends live further away or even overseas, calling them regularly without afterwards receiving a humongous phone bill has become a necessity. The internet is an important tool for such persons. Nowadays we might even be able to see our loved onesno matter how far they are, for the first time in the history of humanity,through video calls offered by various applications. But all this won’t happen, if the internet does not work.

That is why I chose the Airtel 4G – the fastest network ever. It isn’t more expensive than the regular 3G network, if you just ask for a deal that will work for you.

With all the speed that the 4G network lets me enjoy, I can now get cooking classes from my mother from the other side of the country; she excitedly waves a knife in her hand and then shows me how to cut those tomatoes in the most effective way. I can spend a precious moment listening to my best friend tell me about a rainy dayshe spent alone and lost in thought during her holiday in Europe. I can see my cute niece take her first steps and hear her giggle with pure happiness although she is miles away.

All this through a video call that won’t disconnect. Finally.

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