New Delhi – Drive, Design, Connect

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I have been living in New Delhi for quite some time. I hate it for many reasons but more importantly I like it for many reasons. In this post, we will discuss the three features of this city with respect to Drive, Design and Connect.

The Drive

You can understand this as a vehicular, automobile, driving thing. Or you can understand it as the innate thing (city’s drive). We discuss here the former; not that the city doesn’t have a drive or spirit. The city is good for driving. It is not Mumbai type Island; the roads are broad and good. You are in the heart of India. You can ride in the city or you can go out of the city to so many weekend destinations such as Shimla or somewhere in Uttarakhand. Delhi is crisscrossed by flyovers and good roads. You can go for long weekend rides as per your liking.

The only thing that is not good about driving here is the number of cars and the pollution in the city. You can avoid both the ills by starting early on weekends; intra-city driving can be a problem with those traffic jams but if you are riding long on a Sunday morning and especially out of town then there is big pleasure in store for you. So drive wise, Delhi has lots to offer.

The Design

The City has a good design. The Lutyen’s zone is good from the point of view of design; more like Chandigarh, roads more or less at right angles in areas around the Rashtrapati Bhawan, South Avenue and so on. The city’s design is haphazard otherwise and presents a mixed picture. Delhi is designed for fun if you know how to have it. From running, cycling to driving, you have all the options in the city if you are willing to overlook some shortcomings.

The Connect

New Delhi and connection are very connected. Seen geographically and spatially, the capital city is well connected to rest of India and lies in the heart of the country.

The connection can also be seen figuratively. You feel aligned with the place and find instant connection. It is a macrocosm of the country which holds a mini-India. The population is more than many countries and the representation of India (people, sentiments, language, food, culture) is immense. You will not feel out of place in New Delhi. Whatever experience you want about life, you can get it here.

It can be safely said that Drive, Design and Connect abundantly obtain in the Indian capital city, New Delhi. So if you are somebody who has not driven in or around Delhi or someone who has not connected with Delhi or someone who has not found its Design charming, then it is high time you did it. All the best to you as you explore the city. Delhi is #madeofgreat, so to speak.

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