The Sweet Sevai: Simply, Easily Made

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Sevai or vermicelli is made in various ways. In this post, we will discuss the simple, easy to make sevai which very popular in India. It is a no-frills, time saving method that works as a great dessert and is loved by children and adults.

If you google sevai recipes, you will be surprised by the varieties possible for it. You can first go for wheat or rice vermicelli and then you can have many options to try with them and the result could be sweet or salty. You can make sweet dessert or you can make something like upma too. In short, sevai is very versatile and you can use it many ways to enhance your dessert or your snacks or even your main course food.

You also have the option to roast the sevai and add a lot of sugar (or small amount of sugar-free substitute) depending on your taste and preference. And you can garnish it with a lot of dry fruits. You can also use desi ghee which will add its own unique flavour to food. Sweet sevai in North India is often made in desi ghee in homes. So try that if you haven’t already. This recipe used the Zydus sugar-free.

When you have to save time then there is nothing like, a quick sevai dessert made in milk; a no-frills approach to have a sweet sevai dish for kids and adults works out a great result. You can see below a simple demonstration of sevai making which is also an exercise in minimalism: less time and ingredients spent to make a nice, sweet average sevai that all could love. If you have more time then you are free to do more and do a more elaborate sevai cooking.

This quick process to make sevai is suitable for sevai made for 1-2 people. Feel free to increase the volume if you have more people who will eat it.

WHAT TO ADD: vermicelli (about a bowl for one or two persons) milk (toned or full fat; depending on your taste; or soy milk if you are a vegan); sugar or sugar-free depending on how you like it or need it; some oil (or better put, desi ghee), dry fruits, cardamom. If using the Zydus sugar-free, use a very small amount (0.10 gms which is akin to adding 2tsp of sugar) like I did.

HOW TO MAKE IT: Spread some oil in a kadahi or pan and roast the vermicelli for some time. Let it get a light brown colour for some time. Boil milk in a pan and add the vermicelli. Add the sugar-free Natura to sweeten it. You may add the dry fruits now or later when it is cooling. Let the thing simmer for some time. When it is done in some 6-7 mins it will have a reasonably thick consistency and brownish colour.

See the pics below; I did not brown-roast the sevai, hence the colour is more white. I used the sugar-free substitute and it tastes sweet enough (as 0.5 gms of sugar free Natura is equivalent to 5 gms of actual sugar, Zydus Wellness writes).

Milk vermicelli sugar

Vermicelli with sugar-free

Milksevai recipe

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