Responsible Tourism: A poem, a guide.

Written by vik

Topics: Environment

Responsible Tourism is the need today. We have to take into account the environmental, social and economic angle to our tourism and we can ensure that we have sustainable development and tourism when we follow certain ethics. In a manner of speaking it is already very late; we see more destruction around than positive developments in the life of people and in the realm of nature.

As travellers, for example, we can map our travel to reflect responsibility. Make sure you do not litter bottles (do not even carry them actually; use a refillable bottle), use local guides, focus on eco-tourism, avoid hotels/concerns which pay scant regard to responsible tourism, go for volunteering with NGOs (I’ve volunteered with waste management NGOs in Dharamsala, Corbett, Dehradun with travel), stay and eat with locals and encourage practices that weave tourism with society and nature and discourage all else.

Institutionally, major stake holders like governments, hotel owners, tour operators and others can follow a set of guidelines and execute auditable measures to effect responsible tourism. See the Cape Town declaration on Responsible tourism to begin with. Also see responsible Tourism website by Outlook Traveller.

Find below a poem on Responsible tourism. It will also be useful for those (especially kids who come to this site looking for poems, rhymes, slogans) looking for creative literature on responsible tourism. The poem (257 words) is a quick overview on Responsible Tourism.


Responsible Tourism
Is important to ensure
That tourism maintains
Sustainability with allure.

Tourism like any activity
If uncontrolled, chaotic
Will ruin nature, economy
The villages or any city.

Too much of development
Too much of exploitation
Of nature, of places
Brings doom and frustration.

People and economies
That depend on tourism
Risk many dangers
From hedonism, populism.

History, culture, society
Risks many dangers
Incessant exploitation of nature
Makes us scavengers.

Nature is to be nurtured
While being enjoyed
And used responsibly
And not destroyed.

Responsible Tourism
Is important to ensure
That tourism maintains
Sustainability with allure.

So think of various angles
Related to travel, tourism
Economic, Social, Environmental
Enjoy escapism with pragmatism.

Say you must wonder
And take into account
Impact on local livelihoods
Which is paramount.

Is your tourism
Destroying local life?
Does it among locals
Cause alienation, strife?

Does your tourism
Help the destination?
Are the poor there
Involved in creation?

Have you built linkages
With the society around?
or are you just busy
Counting dollars and pounds?

Are you socially responsible?
Sensitive to host culture
Or are you a profiteer
Feeding like a vulture?

And what about environment
Cleanliness, Waste Management?
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Should be mantra of engagement.

Sustainable Development
Responsible tourism
For cohesive nature, inclusive society
And no more schism.

Maximise positive changes
Reduce negative impact
Economy, Society, Environment
Should integrate with tact.

All stake holders: travellers, states,
Tour operators, NGOs, hotels
Promote Responsible Tourism
And help everyone live well.

Tourism with responsibility
Join the initiative
And together let’s all
Preserve what’s sensitive.

I am blogging for #ResponsibleTourism activity by Outlook Traveller in association with BlogAdda.

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