My Ideal Yatra: The Perfect Vacation to Helsinki

Written by vik

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The perfect vacation or the ideal yatra is easier said than done. There are so many factors that can ruin your vacation. Planning and executing each one of those factors and painstakingly ensuring that all angles of the yatra are taken care of is a humongous exercise. Remember what went wrong with your last trip? Well, there is no guarantee that things will be okay in future too unless certain things are kept in mind.

Fortunately, in this digital age, there are many online mechanisms to ensure a peace-of-mind yatra. In this post, I have outlined the details of one such perfect yatra for myself.

I am going from New Delhi to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland in the month of December for about fifteen days.  Helsinki is a heaven in summer seasons but if you love winters and snow then you may visit it in December too. A snow-filled Christmas would be exciting and Helsinki international flight from New Delhi is an affordable entry to Europe (Schengen visa).

So I apply for visa through the VFS Global portal for a trip to Helsinki (their office is at Shivaji Stadium Metro Station building in Delhi). I buy my tickets from an online platoform like Yatra while applying for Visa. Everything is smooth, including the visa meeting and biometrics data generation. I am set to go.

I have booked a cab for my journey to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is a smooth journey; the driver is a nice person and there is no traffic jam. The check-in is smooth (I am carrying baggage within limits, immigration checks in Indian airport are a bit boring but it is okay) and I am in the boarding area in no time.

I have reached Helsinki in less than seven hours of flight time thanks to a direct, smooth service by Finnair. Finnair flight schedule is very suitable for a trip from India. Vantaa airport is heavenly; it doesn’t take much time to check out. It is surprising how this gateway to Europe which must be getting big traffic is so congestion free. No wonder Finland is one of the best places to live on earth.

I take a public bus and reach the home of my relatives. The picturesque city takes your breath away; there is nothing you are going to dislike about Helsinki. Over the next fifteen days, you meet your relatives, visit their homes, eat their food (cake, baked potatoes, Lasagne) drink their wine and Glogi and get ready for the Christmas. The snow comes one of these days and the roads are white. Everything is so beautiful; the temperature is in minus degrees, I love it. I run almost every day during the stay. My itinerary for the trip is roughly as follows:

Day 1 and last day: Travel from Delhi to Helsinki and back.

Day 2 to Day 7: Meet relatives, travel in the city (downtown, churches, museums, movies,               Opera House)

Day 8 to 14: Christmas parties, gatherings, Christmas, long rides in the city, enjoy the bus and tram journey in Helsinki, eat seafood (Salmon).

Return journey is again smooth thanks to the direct Finnair international flight of about seven hours from Helsinki to New Delhi. And then the cab service from the aiport to home is another pleasant story. Ideal vacation in the online world is not a big deal anymore. It is easy with so many tour planners, online ticket booking portals, and tons of discounts that you can get on air travel or cab or hotel bookings.

Start your ideal yatra today. The perfect vacation is possible.




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