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WhatsApp Tips: वॉट्‍सऐप पे दुर्घटना कम करने के बारे में मेरे सुझाव/आइडियाज l

11 October 2017


The following message was circulated by me to my office people on the WhatsApp group last month and it many benefitted from it. See if it helps you too. Among other things, it talks of ways to prevent accidental WhatsApp forwards to groups, creative way of having a group (with yourself added in it as […]

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Hindi poem on state election results 2017

11 March 2017

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This is a poem inspired by the state assembly election results today in the five states. The poem touches upon demonetisation, rise of PM Modi, fall of Kejriwal and Congress, plight of Irom Sharmila and other issues arising from electoral politics. राज्यों में चुनाव के परिणाम आये बहुतों को हंसाये, कुछ को रुलाये | कमल […]

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Mahashivratri Hindi Poem- Original Poem On Shiva

23 February 2017

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This poem on Shiva is new and has never been published earlier. This wonderful piece has been written in Hindi by (and copyrighted to) Laura Kunnas, although Hindi isn’t her mother tongue. शिव जी की रात अब आयी है हमने घर पूरी सजायी है त्यौहार मनाने सब आये हैं झूम-झूम डमरू बजाने आये हैं | […]

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किसान – Two Hindi Poems on Farmers, Agriculture, Suicides.

23 January 2016

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Find below two Hindi language poems on Farmers in India (kisan kavitayein). This Hindi poem on farmers or agriculture in India (or you may call it a poem on Indian society, nature) was written when a farmer Gajendra committed suicide at Jantar Mantar last year. The poem highlights the plight of agriculture and the deplorable […]

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