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खुल जाए बचपन – Hindi Poem on Parenting

19 July 2015

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This is a Hindi poem on Parenting: how parents can help improve the childhood of kids by being nice to their kids. Parents are often officious and authoritative which hampers childhood. This poem contends that parents have to believe in the principle of buddy parenting; think of your role as also of being friends to […]

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सचिन तेंदुलकर – Hindi poem on Sachin Tendulkar, cricket, life, motivation.

4 July 2015


  I need poem for kids in hindi. sachin tendulkar, my idol. That was Rashmi’s comment on this blog some time ago (June, 2015). So here is a poem on Sachin Tendulkar, the great cricketer. It is partly also a poem on cricket, sports, life, motivation, success and failures in life and the need to […]

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माँ – Poem on Mother

19 May 2015


This poem is on Ma or Mother. It talks of how a mother is a child’s first teacher, go-to resource, friend, philosopher, guide. Mother is the expert for a child. She is a child’s Google or Wikipedia or her library. She raises kids making big sacrifices but never feels bad about it; she is always […]

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Share the load- हाथ बंटाओ |A Poem

10 May 2015

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This is a 700-word Hindi Poem exhorting men to share the load in domestic works. It uses humour to highlight how a man’s life  from cradle to grave is privileged and it is women in the house who do all the tasks. Think of this also a poem on women’s empowerment, condition of women (and […]

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