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On Guest Posting:Guest Posts are good for your blog

28 December 2010


Inviting guest posts (paid or unpaid) is becoming a fashion in the blogosphere. It is not without reasons that Guest Blogging is on the rise. There are many freelancers, writers and bloggers (popular or newcomers) who are contributing many great articles on various popular blogs on various themes. Just because it is your blog does […]

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Some blogging errors bloggers should avoid

19 December 2009


This blog was on free for a long time and I have a lot of experience and insight with the version of blogging. Reading the forums and learning from inputs in the WordPress forums, I had found out some shortcomings on many blogs. If your blog is with free, do not […]

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5 reasons why you should not shift from a blog to

12 December 2009


I have shifted to self-hosting from the free blog. 🙂 Please visit the website to check the new look and feel if you are reading this post in your feed reader or mailbox. The internet is full of tutorials on the tremendous benefits of shifting to a self-hosted blog using the free WordPress software […]

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Nominate your blog for the avant-garde bloggies awards 2009

7 December 2009


The avant-garde bloggies awards 2008 was quite a hit in the Indian blogosphere [despite my absence 😉 ] and the second edition is here. If you want to participate in the said blogging contest nominate your blog posts by 20 December 2009 (10 am IST). You can nominate your own blog posts or nominate someone […]

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