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Not many know that the free blogs have ads on them

9 November 2009


Advertisements from the user side are not allowed on the free blogs (only VIP blogs and self-hosted blogs can have them).  However, many users/bloggers think that there are no ads on blogs. That is not true. does show Google AdSense ads on free blogs to help pay the bills. […]

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Some reasons why you must use Windows Live Writer for offline blogging

5 November 2009


You need offline blogging tools if you badly miss the following aspects with your WordPress or BlogSpot in-built editor: write your post without any internet connection, save a local draft on your machine, speed, easy uploading and editing of pictures, cross post to multiple blogs, MS Word-esque ease etc. If you are not using an […]

Continue reading... : the blog has its own domain now

30 October 2009


Some days ago I had bought my own domain name and now I have used the domain forward option with WordPress and it points to my blog. Hereafter my blog address is and not [typing the latter will only lead to the former]. Then Now  🙂 I wanted to buy […]

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On choosing a good web hosting service : Experiences of a layman

5 October 2009


I am planning to self-host two of my WordPress blogs [including this one] and recently did a lot of research online in finding some good web hosts, finding free WordPress themes [mostly magazine themes, my favourite] and ran into a lot of good information and useful tips and tricks. This is a brief collection of […]

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