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WhatsApp Tips: वॉट्‍सऐप पे दुर्घटना कम करने के बारे में मेरे सुझाव/आइडियाज l

11 October 2017


The following message was circulated by me to my office people on the WhatsApp group last month and it many benefitted from it. See if it helps you too. Among other things, it talks of ways to prevent accidental WhatsApp forwards to groups, creative way of having a group (with yourself added in it as […]

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Look up and find your home

14 March 2015

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Finding a nice place to stay is always difficult. Especially in big cities in India where rent is high and good places in the city are not so many. To find the right house to stay in and building your own home and abode in that area is a real challenge. You will waste a […]

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Save Money on Online Shopping with Discount Coupons

26 May 2013


The Online Shopping Scene in India Online Shopping is the new rage in India. It is the new in-thing for a country that was once comfortable with physical shopping. Ecommerce in India, though still in incipient stage, is growing. There is a lot of activity on the online shopping scene: words and  terms like online […]

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Book travel tickets online in India

11 March 2013

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Online shopping is on the rise in India. Last some years have seen many players like Flipkart and others dominating the space. Online shopping of travel tickets is also an important angle in online shopping. Given India’s population, millions of people travel every day in trains, buses and planes. There is an opportunity of huge […]

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