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Legal Sites to Download ebooks on Internet

11 January 2013

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Websites like Giigapedia (later library . nu and disbanded), legalreads (coinreads) and many other ebook or pdf book downloading sites (and torrent and file sharing sites) became an internet phenomenon. A downside was that many good and free sites with millions of collections officially free have not received so much attention. This post discusses some […]

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22 August 2012


I have been with Flipkart with quite some time now (find posts on Flipkart on this site). But there have been other entrants in the market for online shopping and they are good. With declining discounts on Flipkart (no dip in service quality) I like most online shoppers tried finding other online shopping sites offering […]

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Avoid ‘Cost to Cost’ computer shop in Nehru Place

19 May 2012


A few readers on another post on this blog have commented narrating their bad experience with ‘cost to cost’ computer shop at Nehru place. Here is a quick list of grievances against them: autocratic behavior, bad customer support, take-it-or-get-lost-we-don’t-care attitude of staff. I myself witnessed some of these on a recent visit to the shop. […]

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Buy online with Discount codes

28 February 2012


Any smart online shopper will know that online shopping sites/ e commerce sites offer discounts/discount codes or coupons particularly in the starting phase when they are establishing themselves. This is true of Online Megastore Flipkart (I bought lots on 20 per cent off discount code two years ago, over and above the default discount) or […]

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