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Must Buy ‘Learn Sanskrit Book sets’ by Sanskrit Sansthanam

6 March 2013


Today morning I bought the book set I by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthanam : Teach Yourself Samskrit, priced just 200 Rs (got it in 180 Rs at 10% off). It is the first set in teach yourself Sanskrit by the said govt body. See images below; I recommend it. English has also been used in the […]

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Web Link: Hindi Poem on Women’s Plight

8 March 2012

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This is link of a thoughtful Hindi poem written by Induravisinghj. This is a useful poem highlighting the condition of women in India including female infanticide and other issues. The title says, ‘woman is woman’s enemy’. औरत की दुश्मन है औरत यहाँ फिर भी औरत ही बेचारी यहाँ। हर हादसे का मुजरिम क्या आदमी ही […]

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