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Poem- Save Earth, Save Nature

28 February 2014

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A short English poem written for my nephew. It will be useful for anybody looking for slogans, rhymes, poems on nature, environment, saving mother earth, saving nature, saving earth, pollution, global warming, saving trees and other related topics. Copyrighted to: Vikas   We enjoy the sunshine The rainfall, the rivers The sun in summer The […]

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Billi Kavita- Hindi Poem on Cat, the animal

25 April 2013


What you see below is not exactly a poem on cat. It was written more to prevent expulsion of cats from the living premises. The girls in a co-ed residential premise complained that cats are becoming a nuisance and they should be “removed”. The poem argues that cats and human beings have been living together for long […]

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चिड़िया: Hindi Poem on Birds

27 May 2012


Here is a Hindi poem on birds as requested by Shivam Mittal. This is quickly written 9-stanza hindi poem and paints birds as lively creatures who teach us a lot in life. Hindi transliteration of first few lines: Chidiya chahchahati hai, chidiya gaati jaati hai, daana chugati jaati hai, muft sangeet sunati hai   चिड़िया […]

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Slogans/Rhymes on the cycle and its environmental benefits

3 January 2012


These are some hindi lines quickly written on the benefits of cycle or cycling. These will be useful for anybody looking for hindi slogans or poems or rhymes on the cycle or environment.  These rhymes could also be used for slogans against use of fossil fuels (petrol/diesel), sustainable development, ecological use of resources, health and […]

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