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Avoid Junk Food: Poem for Kids

29 July 2011


This blog has kids and children visiting it searching poems, Hindi poems, school poems, environment poems, fast food poems, love poems, farewell poems, hindi kavita, hindi poems on India, slogans etc. Keeping this in view, the following quick rhymes are on avoiding junk food, fast food and on healthy eating. The poem will be useful […]

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ककड़ी-खीरा: Hindi poem on Cucumber

15 April 2011


This poem on Cucumber/skinny cucumber  was written hurriedly in a few minutes moments after eating a kakri today. This Hindi poem will be useful for kids looking for poems on food or just Hindi poems, rhymes on food, summer season, salad etc. Poem is copyrighted to me (Vikas). You can read more on the benefits […]

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Bournvita Quiz Contest: Bring it Back. Join the Facebook page on BQC

23 March 2011


This piece is written by Rahul who is one of the people behind the Facebook campaign to bring back the famed TV programme. Please join the Facebook community and do your bit if you want the BQC back like more than 1 Lac people there! Let’s Bring BQC back! I believe most kids plug into the […]

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See the colours of India: My full photo website on the SurajKund Crafts Fair

19 February 2010


www. It was my maiden visit to the famous SurajKund Crafts Mela on 14 February 2010 as part of the JNU UNESCO and Photography clubs’ trip to the fair. I shot more than 450 pics of the 24th edition of the fair and ended up making an online pictorial documentation of the fair a […]

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