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For beginners- How to Start Running

3 July 2013

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Written 2 July 2013. This was actually written as advice for someone on FB. Here is what I would say to a newbie. My locus standi first— I can run for 50 kms, without a stop; I have done two full marathons this year (Mumbai and Mawana; earlier Adhm, Gurgaon Half marathons and so many […]

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How to get a fit and healthy body

19 June 2013


HEALTH IS GREATER THAN WEALTH. Ask the person who is languishing in the nearest Apollo or government hospital because (s)he has diabetes, heart problems, hypertension or some other lifestyle diseases. The following points are written by a marathon runner who is super fit, who rarely falls sick, who has a great body and who can […]

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Photo Essay: How to eat Mosambi (Sweet Lime) without a juicer

22 August 2012


Juicing is not a good habit but most of us do it. You need fibre for detoxification and to feel fuller. Mosambi Or sweet lemon or limu shirin (Iraq) is mostly eaten in India as a primary juice. Here is how you can enjoy it without juicing it. It will be more beneficial. In fact, […]

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Baisakhi Dhamaka Run by Sunita Godara on 8 April 2012

26 March 2012

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Text Copied from her emails and press release. Published on this site for publicity Grand event happening in Lodhi Garden at Gate No -1, on 8th April 2012  (6:45 AM) to celebrate Baisakhi & World Health Day on Sunday organized by the Thakurdwara Trust in association with the former Asian Champion Sunita Godara, Director Health […]

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