What motorcycling means to me

29 April 2012


I have a motorcycle. I prefer the term ‘motorcycle’ (bike, for me, indicates a bicycle, unlike for most Indians). I am buying a bike in foreseeable future (Trek or GT for off-road cycling on weekends); so it is necessary that I demarcate the two for clarity. My motorcycle is a Yamaha: SS 125 (erstwhile Gladiator; […]

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Catching a ‘baby rat’: Pics

24 December 2011

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A ‘baby rat’ (choohiya) had damanged a few of my winter clothes and was a regular in my room. I had no intention to kill it but I had no option. I planed Mortein Ratkill and Crazy Ratmaar in my room and after more than two months it looked like it ate some of that […]

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My Nokia 1100 phone has completed four successful years

27 December 2009


Almost unbelievable but true! Nokia 1100 for me proved to be a very reliable phone. It was also my first phone bought in 2663 Rupees: a basic, low-end model with all the basic functions (no camera, FM and such like). The photo on the left is my phone. I had bought the Nokia 1100 in […]

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Reasons I did not like the film Avatar

18 December 2009


I am just back from the Sangam Cinema Hall in New Delhi after viewing James Cameron’s Avatar (Hindi version, 2-dimensional) and I am not very impressed (like many others in the cinema hall). Here is why I did not like it in a nutshell: Weak story line does not complement the visuals All attention on […]

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