The Jhatpat Tag: Without Looking Guess what time it is?!

10 September 2009


Tagging and Blog Memes [pronounced meem/mi:m] are quite popular in the blogosphere. I have been tagged before by fellow bloggers but unfortunately could not follow them. Recently Arpit tagged me and I am doing the needful better late than never. Read more on Blog memes here. This Jhatpat tag is very interesting and funny. Jhatpat […]

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Some Great Photos: Silhouetted Rainfall behind my room and Amaltas tree-lined Yellow JNU

5 August 2009


These are some of the interesting photos from my hostel room and the JNU Campus that I shot some months ago with my Sony W55 digital camera. The images will take some time in loading, needless to say. Rainfall captured behind my room, Sabarmati Hostel, JNU [6 photos] The following photos were shot from the […]

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Hindi Poem on would-be wife: पत्नी की बाँहों में आकर

16 June 2009


This is a short, sweet Hindi poem, pure imagination. Image from the web. मैं अपनी पत्नी की बाँहों में आकर खूब सुकून पाता हूँ सारे दुःख गम टेंशन परेशानियां पल में भूल जाता हूँ! गोरी-गोरी उन बाँहों में दिखती है मुझको जन्नत हर जनम में मेरी ही रहना मांगू रब से यही मन्नत! उसकी बाँहों […]

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When people mistake you for a shopkeeper or salesman!

9 June 2009


Victim of Plagiarism! This post was stolen moments after it was published [link]! I asked the blogger to remove it but in vain. May send a copyright violation notice soon. More than once, I have been mistaken by people for being the shopkeeper or the salesman in the shop! Such incidents have only amused me. […]

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