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Myntra App Marketing Pitch Suggestion

22 May 2015

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This is suggestion for the Myntra app; Myntra has gone all-app from 15 May. Here is a quick outline of a possible TVC or a print ad. I am imagining you have a good imagination. There are no images here but try to see what I see; close eyes occasionally if needed. This is a […]

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Save Money on Online Shopping with Discount Coupons

26 May 2013


The Online Shopping Scene in India Online Shopping is the new rage in India. It is the new in-thing for a country that was once comfortable with physical shopping. Ecommerce in India, though still in incipient stage, is growing. There is a lot of activity on the online shopping scene: words and  terms like online […]

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Blame Indian Railways, not IRCTC

25 May 2013

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You may read this post first IRCTC sucks. For train ticket booking, bad IRCTC website, tatkal tickets and all related problems we blame the PSU named IRCTC. That may be wrong. Indian Railways management deserves the blame more than anyone else. This is some information from an IRCTC insider on why the system is so […]

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Delhi Metro replies to feedback

10 May 2013

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Delhi Metro (DMRC) is good with taking feedbacks into account. Sometime ago I had submitted a feedback on their site and they had replied. See that below   “Dear Madam/Sir, With reference to your email dated 25 Mar 2013, we would like to inform that DMRC has taken the following measures for boarding/de boarding and the same […]

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