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Responsible Tourism: A poem, a guide.

9 December 2015

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Responsible Tourism is the need today. We have to take into account the environmental, social and economic angle to our tourism and we can ensure that we have sustainable development and tourism when we follow certain ethics. In a manner of speaking it is already very late; we see more destruction around than positive developments […]

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Poem- Save Earth, Save Nature

28 February 2014

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A short English poem written for my nephew. It will be useful for anybody looking for slogans, rhymes, poems on nature, environment, saving mother earth, saving nature, saving earth, pollution, global warming, saving trees and other related topics. Copyrighted to: Vikas   We enjoy the sunshine The rainfall, the rivers The sun in summer The […]

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Please write urgently if you will adopt this cute puppy (New Delhi, 29 January 2010)

29 January 2010


Update 30 January: We have made an arrangement for the puppy near the hostel entrance (we hope it will grow soon and live normally on the streets). We think we should not disturb his natural life. Also, see Indian Home Maker’s comment here. Update 11 Feb: The puppy lives outside the hostel and is happy. […]

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A Hindi Poem Against the Use of Polybags

27 January 2010


This is a short Hindi Poem against the use of Poly bags by JNU student Raghib Akhtar : ‘a poem for children against the use of poly bags’. This is a sweet Hindi poem and will be useful for school children and others looking for Hindi poems and messages on not using the polythene and […]

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