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Travis Tygart page on Wikipedia and the mischief

24 August 2012

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Following Lance Armstrong’s sensational decision to stop fighting against the USADA doping charges, someone (Lance’s fan?) had edited USADA chief  Travis Tygart’s page in Wikipedia (which tops in Google when ‘Travis Tygart’ is searched) and made it to read: Travis Tygart became Chief Time Waster (edited by Lance Armstrong) of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) […]

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They didn’t let Arvind Kejriwal speak

25 March 2012

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In an unfortunate incident (that went mostly unreported in the media; see Aaj tak story), a section of JNU students virtually hounded out Arvind Kejriwal . He was barely allowed to speak at the Koyna hostel mess venue (23 March 2012, about 10 pm). Anyone who knows the campus, knows that it is the time-tested  […]

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The Caravan Magazine on Narendra Modi

29 February 2012

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Copied from a mail by the Caravan Magazine: follow the link to read the story Ten years ago this week, in one of India’s most prosperous states, Gujarat, communal violence erupted: about 1,200 Muslims were killed when Hindu mobs ran laps around the streets, lynching men and children and raping women. The mobs used gas […]

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Poem on Anna Hazare

15 December 2011


The following Hindi poem on Anna Hazare has been written by JNU Student Rashwet Shrinkhal. The poem praises Anna Hazare and points out how the crusader is helping the nation. This poem was his response to a critical poem lampooning Anna Hazare on the net (Read the negative poem on Jairam Shukla’s blog) Excerpts: मैं […]

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