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Travel to Switzerland —Heaven on earth

25 May 2013

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Switzerland is a place that everyone wants to visit or revisit. If you have seen the place, then you know how awesome it is. If you have never been to Switzerland then chances are that you are either planning it now or you have it in mind for a future date. Such is the charm […]

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Rajasthan tourism and money saving tips

5 May 2013

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Written quickly for friends; ignore typos. Some random tips.   I was away from Rajasthan from 12th morning to 16th morning (April) with a friend. Travelled by bus, totally unplanned. Earlier I had passed through Jaipur and gone twice to Ajmer. I went to Alwar, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur in that order and took return train […]

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Prem Pavitra Restaurant in Alwar is not good

17 April 2013

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I was in Alwar (Rajasthan tourism) recently. I had read about the Prem Pavitra Restaurant recommendation in Outlook traveller guide (52 weekend trips out of Delhi); it is one of the must-eat places there. The restaurant belongs to Satpal Maharaj. I did eat at the Prem Pavitra Restaurant. And it was average food. The place […]

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Rajinder da Dhaba at Sda market is bad

29 July 2012

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Review from Zomato: I ate at the place yesterday (AB-14B, Safdarjung Enclave; 28 June 2012, 10 pm). I was with a friend. We took Mutton Biryani (Rs 175) , Chicken Tangri (Rs 60), Chicken curry (chest; Rs 100?), Mughalai Parantha (Rs 12), Rumali roti (Rs 12) and Tandoori roti (Rs 12).(Total bill 375 Rupees.) The […]

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