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What is this #EkNayiLeague about?

7 May 2015

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Kapil Dev made a debut on Twitter (@therealkapildev) few days ago and has set the ball rolling for some new league. Soon, he got thousands of followers on Twitter on his official account and posted a pic of him sipping coffee in one Mumbai building. In a series of YouTube short teaser videos (YouTube account […]

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Hindi poem on health and fitness for kids

28 June 2013


Hindi poem on health and fitness. This was written for a third grade student (class 3, Hindi elocution contest). The rhyming poem insists on the need to avoid junk food, quitting smoke, doing regular exercises, and embracing healthy habits in life. The poem is for kids and rhymes. It was hurriedly written in ten minutes […]

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India Pakistan Political Cartoon

5 May 2013

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Very good, biting India-Pak political cartoon from the Hindu, dated 3 May 2013. Backdrop: Death of Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan (murderous attack in jail).

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Safe Express Campus2Home- bad customer service

28 April 2013

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Some of us wanted to use the Campus2 Home service of Safe Express (send 20 or 30 kg boxes in 390 or 490 Rupees); it is working with campuses all over India to emerge as a campus /university /college courier service. It has a bad customer service; I wrote emails and it all bounced (from […]

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